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She smiles softly, tilting her head slightly to the 
side. She’s not really sure what’s going on right 
now, or why she’s not picking up the glass from 
the broken light bulb, but it doesn’t seem to really
matter much as of right now. She’s too wrapped 
up in his warm eyes and his adorable small smile.
        ❝ Consider yourself forgiven. ❞

    ❝ You’re the best. ❞
Scott grinned and swooped down in order to
place a kiss to the tip of her nose. A bright
smile there on his features. Then the wolf was
quickly moving away in order to work on the
mess he had made. Cleaning it up and then
proceeding to pause for a moment.

           ❝ —- trash can? ❞



Things were coming back to him slowly but surely, all his faculties returning save for whatever was partially inhibited by the drugs running through his system. His senses may have been dulled, his head still swimming, but he could remember everything in full, his vision slowly sharpening. He could make out Scott, Allison, Melissa. The concern on their faces was apparent. It suddenly hit him what he’d put Allison through. She’d had to deal with her mother’s death only after the fact but this time she had been there. She’d seen him injured, she’d held him while he was on the brink of death and he just wished he could have saved her from the pain she’d gone through.

"…Allison…I’m sorry…" The words came out softly as he struggled to speak intelligibly through the oxygen mask over his mouth, through the pain that flared up in his chest with each syllable. But his daughter just squeezed his hand lightly, brushed his short hair back from his forehead and smiled at him through tears. "Shhh, daddy, just rest." Had the roles been reversed he wouldn’t have accepted any apology from her either and there was an understanding between the two of them.

At the reminder of the bite, Chris swallowed hard. It was happening. He wouldn’t have been alive, wouldn’t have woken up, if it wasn’t working. He was healing, slowly because of the Oni, but he was going to pull through. It was a relief, knowing that he wasn’t going to leave his daughter orphaned, knowing that he could still be there for her, that he could be around for college, for her wedding, for everything else that came. If he made it that long, of course. The pain he had been feeling was alleviated to some degree and for a moment Chris wondered if a second dose of morphine was kicking in, that perhaps he’d missed Melissa administering it. But he could feel Scott’s hand on him and one look towards the boy confirmed the fuzzy thought that had crossed his mind, the telltale blackness moving through the boy’s veins.

"…Scott…stop…" He uttered weakly. Chris could see it affecting the kid and he wouldn’t have Scott hurting himself just to spare him from a little pain. "…I can…handle it…"


Scott couldn’t help the sickening feeling still there in his stomach. The bite had to have taken. If it hadn’t, then Chris wouldn’t have just been in that mini-coma and then awake now. He would have succumbed to his wounds hours before. The Oni didn’t mess around with those blades and he’d gotten pretty badly damaged protecting Allison. A werewolf’s ability to heal is the only thing that could have saved him. He was feeling both sick, and a little faint, and it wasn’t just from trying to take Chris’ residual pain. If he was being honest, combined with everything else, he could barely feel that. 

Not to mention he felt like he owed it to the man. If he’d been faster or better or.. something, he could have been the one to save Allison. Then they wouldn’t be in this place, with that worry whether he was going to die or not and the bite being the only thing to save him. Alli had already lost one parent over the whole wolf thing, even if that case was a bit different than this. Chris chose it, where Victoria had not. Granted he still blamed himself for that, in a way, because Derek had bit her in the process of saving him.

❝ Just.. let me, please, Chris. ❞ He muttered after a moment when he realized the hunter had said something about the pain thing. Able to handle a bit more, so he took it and hoped that would help for the time being. ❝ People are going to come for you.. for us.. now, aren’t they? ❞ The young Alpha asked as he licked his lips nervously. They weren’t the only hunters in the world, there was someone out there no doubt waiting to enforce the code should they break it in this manner. Becoming a werewolf was not something that hunters took lightly. The person turning was supposed to take their own life, who knows what would happen now that Chris had chosen the bite in order to live.


okay so i am barely here as it is, so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. but my tendinitis ( or w/e is wrong with my wrist ) has been flaring up majorly. like, right now it literally pains me to type this. i’m still working on drafts and rping a little elsewhere, but this is just a general psa about my major lack in activity. i’m hoping taking it easy and this new pill schedule my doc has me on will help. i apologize to my darling partners that i constantly keep waiting, ya’ll are the best for being patient with me.

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Isaac chuckled. “Definitely,” he agreed. He liked having the mixed scent of he and Scott in the apartment. He gave Scott a droll stare. “Keep it up and nothing will be done tonight except sex.” Not that the idea was a downer for Isaac. He loved sex with Scott. The alpha knew everything that drove him mad and it was almost impossible not to get aroused at just the thought of it. 

A chuckle escaped him as he finished his food, getting up to rinse off his plate. “Do you want me to clean up over here while you start painting?” With the window over the sink, Isaac knew he’d be able to watch the alpha work as he cleaned up, and he liked when he could not-so-discreetly watch his mate.

❝ Really not seeing a downside to that, Isaac. ❞ Scott hummed with a small shrug. Sex with his mate was something he’d never pass up. He’d never been your typical guy; as a teen he rarely even masturbated. Not even when the whole werewolf thing happened and his libido went crazy. It’d always only really shown when with someone. And with Isaac, that whole thing was like ten fold. The slightest touch from his mate could drive him up that wall and have him forgetting everything else until they were both completely spent.

The wolf followed with his own finished plate, setting it near the sink and he was grinning more at that question. ❝ If you don’t mind. ❞ He replied, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek. Playfully swatting his ass before quickly skipping away to get started with things in the living room. Setting some of the canisters out and setting up the brushes. Grabbing the tape to line the windows and outlets and stuff with, moving to start painting one of the larger walls.


So much dick in such a small ass


His breath was coming in soft broken little pants as he attempted not to arch up against the other boy’s mouth. Hands curling in against the sheets below him. His eyes rolled backwards as the wolf’s tongue snaked out tracing along the line of hair. His lips pressing together as he attempted not to whimper. God he’d thought Scott was actually going to wrap his lips around him. And he was almost disappointed until Scott moved further down ward and he felt his lips against his hole and his lips fell into an o shape. He didn’t have a chance to respond because that devilish tongue was pressing forward causing a sharp intake of breath from the human. “Scott.” He moaned his fingers digging into the sheets below him until his knuckles turned white

One of the reasons Scott teased so much, happened to be those looks which crossed over Stiles’ face. As well as the little whimpers and whines he gave in the process. It was all worth it to have the other teen quivering beneath him, even before bringing him to orgasm. And of course the sound of his name moaned in such a way had his own moan rumbling out against his boyfriend’s hole. He lapped eagerly at him, tongue pressing in and then circling the rim before it was thrusting passed it a few times only to repeat this rhythm. All before he was slowly pressing a finger in, still working around it with his tongue to take off as much of the pressure. Wanting to bring Stiles as much pleasure as he could in return. His other hand roaming up along his inner thigh, fingers teasing along the length of his cock while never once fully wrapping around it.



❝ yeah, i wish i got to keep them, though. lydia still has her wedding dress hung up in her closet, and the clothes i was married in were destroyed. but i’ll keep the next ones. 

❝ well this time around we’ll get you the best dress and then put it in one of those dry cleaner bags and save it. this way you can look at it years later, maybe even pass it down. ❞