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[ text; sent ] babe, i love you. so much.
[ text; sent ] but that’s just cruel.
[ text; sent ] you couldn’t wait until i was home to just strip?

{ sms; from Stiles }: I've been known to live up to those promises.
{ sms; from Stiles }: Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't.
{ sms; from Stiles }: None of them come with a knot, babe.

[ text; sent ] Mmm, true. You have.
[ text; sent ] You know you would, Stiles.
[ text; sent ] .. good. Because the only knot I want you having, is mine.


This was relaxing. It was a step back in time and it wasn’t even close. So many thing shad changed. They’d changed too, even if some things, the cores of who they were and who they were together, had refused to change. Events made it impossible to stay completely still, though, and he was done trying. He liked where they were, liked seeing that smirk shift to a laugh and he let go of the ice cream when Scott moved to snatch it up. The expression on his face was the closest he could get to innocent. He failed miserably, of course, but he felt like it was a decent attempt. “What? I was just trying to hand you the ice cream.” He grinned and popped a fry into his mouth, settling in as Scott pulled up the Netflix. Watching Scott eat ice cream was, admittedly, way more interesting than anything that was one the movie queue, but he did his best not to stare. much. His sad attempts were the only reason — or so he told himself — that the wolf got away with smearing ice cream on his nose. “Dude.” He crossed his eyes, looking down at the healthy smudge, then turned to look at Scott and the innocent grin that was somehow so much more effective on Scott McCall’s face. Stiles didn’t buy it for a second, of course, but everyone else in the world would have. He was pretty sure some angels could float down from heaven and they’d be buying it, too. Stiles reached up to wipe away the smudge and licked at his finger. “Since you’re sharing and all —” Stiles’ hand snaked out to grab the spoon. he wasn’t about to start an ice cream war. He was pretty sure they’d both get yelled at if the couch was messed up, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enact a little revenge — for the revenge. Whatever.

One of the reasons he loved this so much, is because it was the combination of both the best of their old life, and their new. You had two teenage boys, who were best friends, just hanging out and joking around, then you had two boyfriends who’d just finished another session of amazing sex. It was that combination - the best friends and boyfriends piece in itself - that made it easier to get through all the trouble and turmoil they had in their lives. ❝ Mhmmm, sure. Right on my stomach, sans covering! ❞ He laughed and then he was nudging Stiles with a playful roll of his eyes as he popped that fry in to his mouth. Not even realizing just how distracted Stiles was, or maybe he had and maybe that’s why he took advantage of it in order to put the ice cream on his nose. Either way, no matter the reasoning, it’d been a hilarious reaction. Watching Stiles trying to cross his eyes just to see the mess Scott had made. Then he was grabbing for a spoon and Scott just grinned. ❝ Careful where you put that, Stiles. Or you might not get to lick it off anywhere else~ ❞ The wolf teased with a wink as he focused on taking another scoop of ice cream, licking it off of his spoon. Then he was grabbing a free, plopping some ice cream on to it and then eating the curly goodness that way. ❝ Hey, we should go camping again this weekend. Just get out, go swimming and try to enjoy ourselves. ❞ A curious hum played through him as he waited to see what Stiles’ opening was on the matter, all while licking another scoop of ice cream off his spoon as he did.

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Sam moaned around the teen’s length and groaned as he felt those finger’s in his hair and then on his shoulder’s.. He licked at the underside of the teen’s cock and grinned as he looked up at him. He pulled off with a pop and gave him and smile. ” Should I get you off and then fuck you? Or just get up and fuck you babe?” 

Scott gave a soft whimper when Sam moaned around him. It felt so good, his mind swimming with the haze of lust. So much so that it barely even registered with him that Sam was speaking. Not until he noticed the lack of that tongue on his cock, flashing a pleading smirk down at the man. ❝ Get up here and fuck me, please. Need to feel you in me. ❞ He breathed out, hands on his shoulders trying to pull him back up.


Derek moaned and pushed up towards his mate’s lips. He used his hand to spread his mate open enough for him. He leaned in again and licked at at his mate’s hole again before pushing his tongue inside of his mate. He groaned at the taste of his mate on his tongue. “Fuck.” He muttered out and licked at him more. Needing and wanting more of his mate’s taste on his tongue. He had to remember to keep a little quiet, so they wouldn’t wake up the pup. That’s the last thing Derek wanted right now when all he wanted and needed was his mate. 

    Scott was just glad that his moans were muffled against his mate’s cock, because other wise he’d probably be rather loud right about now. He was always loud when Derek was tonguing him like that, he couldn’t help it. Rocking back towards the movement of that wet muscle, growling and groaning heavily. Taking in all of his cock at once until nose was brushing against his balls. Swallowing around him and pulling back a little, only to repeat the action. Not caring that he gagged a little, though not as much as he used to when first doing this. He was hungry for that cock, but also for Derek to open him up quickly so he could ride him.


“So what if I am?” She questioned while playfully nipping at his lower lip. As he moved over to the bed she watched him, her eyes glinting with lust as he assumed the position without her even asking him too. He was so ready for this and that sent a shiver straight to her core. How did she get so lucky to have him in her life? A man that loved her unconditionally and was willing to do anything and everything to please her, of course she suspected that he would enjoy what was about to take place just as much as she would.

Standing near the foot of the bed her palm smoothed over the curve of his ass smacking it lightly before she stepped back. “You really are excited about this aren’t you?” The redhead questioned as she discarded the remainder of her clothes then reached for the strap on slipping it up and over her hips and securing it into place. A smirk claimed her lips as she glanced down at the new appendage between her legs, and then glanced over to Scott with his ass in the air. Moving back to the bed she grabbed the bottle of lube that had been placed there and coated a single finger with the smooth substance.

Leaning over her boyfriend she began to press a trail of feather light kisses along the curve of his spine while her finger once more began to tease against his hole. Applying gentle presses she distracted him with more kisses and soft nips while slowly pushing her finger inside him. “Tell me if it’s too much and I’ll stop ok?” She wanted to make sure that he was as comfortable as he could possibly be while she prepped him knowing that it would take a bit of time before she was able to be inside him. 

  ❝ I have no problem with that. ❞ Scott hummed. And then he was grinning, so much so that his cheeks ached in the best of ways. He was indeed excited about this, but could a person blame him? Here had had one of - if not the - most beautiful woman in the world wanting to not only have sex with him.. But experiment as well. The wolf might seem like the quiet, vanilla type of person. Yet he was far from it. He had ideas in his head that you’d be rather surprised by. This, what they were about to embark on, happened to be one of them.

  He just really liked the thought of Lydia in that power roll. She was strong and gorgeous and independent on her own and then this.. Well, it made his cock harder and leak because of it. His anticipation made him shudder, then she was touching him and he grinned. ❝ Yeah, I am. ❞ Was all he could answer with a nod, licking his lips and looking back at her. He swallowed thickly as he watched her put that toy on and fuck, that was gorgeous.

  The wolf couldn’t help the soft whimper that came from that finger on his hole. But it wasn’t one of dislike, more so he really liked it. Which was proven by the fact he was trying to push towards it, to get more as he moaned from those nips she gave. ❝ Y-yeah, I will. You’re fine, Lyds. ❞ The wolf murmured, forehead resting against the arm he’d curled up in front of himself. Breathing through his nose before he was moaning again, a full shiver running through him.