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         ”Well you couldn’t find out
             But you’re not man enough so that’s fine.”

❝ Please, Kate. I was man enough to take you
     when I was still my scrawny, pre-werewolf,
      asthmatic self. ❞



"I better be. So—about that llama."

❝ How about a llama and a goat? We’ll name ‘em Isaac and Billy? ❞



It took Chris a moment to regain his bearings. His head was swimming between the morphine they’d pumped into his system and the pain that was trickling past the meds. His entire body felt stiff and as he tried to adjust a sharp pain went through his chest. Chris gasped and grimaced. "Dad, don’t move, you’re hurt." He could hear the tears behind Allison’s voice and he stilled himself. Thanks to the morphine the pain was at least dulled. He was sure it would be excruciating without the medication.

It suddenly occurred to Chris he didn’t quite recall how he’d wound up in the hospital. Things were coming to him in quick flashes. The night before. Lydia. Allison and Scott and the other kids. The Oni. Of course. He’d gotten hurt, badly. Scott’s voice was muffled through the pounding in his ears and his brow furrowed as the boy spoke. Allison. She’d pleaded with Scott. The bite. He was still alive so he could assume at least up to this point it was working. In the moment he hadn’t considered the consequences of taking it. But it was too late now and he’d had to. For Allison.

Chris could see Melissa checking the machines out of the corner of his eyes, checking his IV, his vitals. He realized he hadn’t answered Scott’s question and gave a very slight nod before looking back up at the boy. “…I…remember…” He croaked out, his throat dry. If he turned, if it got out, there would be other families, other hunters, that would come. The code had been broken, would be broken, if he didn’t take his life before the full moon. And he couldn’t let them find him.

Scott thinks he hates hospitals more now, than he ever has. Because he can smell all that confusion and pain coming off of Chris. And worst of all, he can smell the drugs there to dull the latter. Such a scent made him almost sick to his stomach. Then again, that was no different then when he usually walked through these halls. So much death and sadness and fear, mingled together in his nostrils for days even if he avoided this place for weeks after. And lately, lately he’d been here way too much. Too many people were getting injured and Scott felt responsible. If he’d been a better wolf, protected his friends better… Then this stupid hospital wouldn’t feel like a fucked up second home.

He looked to his mother a moment, a woman who tried so hard to adjust. Yet he knew all of this was still so scary to her. Especially when things like this happened. And his attention turns back to Chris when the man seems to register what he’s asked of him, nodding a little in a grateful manner when he said he remembered. That was good, sort of. At least he didn’t blank out that whole thing and then lunge at Scott in some threatening manner for having sank his fangs in to him.

And that in itself made him want to be sick too, he could still taste the man’s blood. No matter how much coffee he’d tried to wash it away with. Worst of all? A part of him liked it. Felt a surge of power when he was biting the hunter who now lay before him in the hospital bed. ❝ I think.. I think you’re going to turn, Chris. ❞ He breathed out as he watched the man. Not even noticing the black veins crawling up his arm, or the lightheadedness it sort of brought. Like instinctively, he was taking what ever residual pain remained in Chris without even the forethought and consciousness of doing so.

❝ What ever happens, who ever comes, we’ll deal with them. Together. ❞



A small shriek escaped her
at first, caught off guard by 
the ground disappearing,
but Max was soon giggling
maniacally while Scott
reached for the remote.
Still laughing, she nuzzled
back into him, swatting him.
   ”Warn me next time!”

❝ Where’s the fun in that? ❞
     Scott asked with a laugh as he
     nosed in to her hair when she
     proceeded to nuzzle against
     him again. He shifted to have
     the girl more so against his side
     instead of positioned oddly on
     top of him. Nudging her as if to
     encourage her to use the remote
     he had so nicely gotten for her. 

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          Derek was glad that their sex life didn’t become non-existent after Laura was born. He was also glad that his mate still wanted something to do with him as well. He moaned as he felt his mate rocking faster against him, making him thrust up into his mate just as fast. “Love you too, so much, babe.” He breathed out with a low growl. He tilted his head to the side, giving his mate all the room at his neck that he’d want. He groaned at the teasing teeth moving along his neck.

     Scott would never be in a place, where he didn’t want something to do with Derek. That man was his husband, his mate. The love of his life. Even when they were eighty and terrorizing everyone with their old-man humor, he’d still want him. ❝ Fuck, that feels good. ❞ He moaned against the warm skin of his husband’s neck. Very nearly bouncing there in his lap now, thrusting himself downward each time Derek’s hips would push up. A thick growl emitted as he nipped at the man’s throat before he was pulling his head back, and tilting it to expose his own neck for Derek to take.



   How he wishes he could echo the sentiment without the sharp pang of guilt gnawing through the delicate cage of bone and flesh. Brows draw together briefly and he is reminded of the man he’d left. The man who told him to leave. Because Derek had been cruel, he’d been willing to give anything to satiate the anger in his veins. He had been younger then as well.

   Finger tighten their hold.

   Dark eyes watch the boy with guarded emotion. When he speaks, his voice is rough, bordering on a low growl as he makes a simple demand upon the curve of lips.

   ”Say it again.”

    Scott knows there is something that Derek isn’t telling him. It wasn’t hard to pick up on the signs, the slightest gestures or twitches to the muscles of his face. But he doesn’t press, doesn’t bombard him with a million questions. No. Instead, what he does is something else entirely. The young Alpha leans in to press a kiss to lips just as warn in their appearance as the rest of that face.

        And it’s against them, which he speaks.

   ❝ No matter what the future holds; what I may’ve done, or you. It’s not important. Not right here, not right now. You’re mine, Derek. From the moment we met.. until the very end. You are the one true love of my life. ❞

   The wolf might whine, just a little. But that doesn’t mean there’s any less truth to his words. Or so it feels like to him. He doesn’t know what secrets the older wolf is keeping.. And by that look on his face, maybe it’d best if it remains that way.


"Bite me." You’d think he would have found a better retort after all these years around werewolves. "You’re just jealous that you had to take werewolf steroids to get hot, and I came by it naturally." To prove his point, he lifts an arm and makes a show out of kissing his bicep.


❝ Don’t think I won’t. ❞ Scott replied with a playful snap of his obviously still human looking teeth. No way would he actually use his fangs on Stiles, not unless the other asked that is. ❝ Not even. ❞ He rolled his eyes and tugged the other in closer, half tempted to tickle him but for the moment he just held him there. All while smirking. ❝ Besides, last I checked you weren’t complaining about what being a werewolf did to my body, buddy. ❞


Sam moved up and pinned the other to the shower wall and smirked as he leaned in and kissed his lips. The hunter grinned as he moved from those lips to whisper into his ear. ” You want to face me? Or should I turn you towards the wall and have my way with you? Fill you up with my seed. Make you so full.” He growled lowly. ” Breed you like you were my bitch?” 

Scott whimpered against the kiss, fingers gripping which ever parts of Sam they could get a hold on. Even if only for a moment before they were moving again. Shuddering as he spoke, another soft noise echoing in his throat. Making his choice clear when he shifted, turning and pressing his ass back against the other’s crotch. ❝ Fuck me, Sam. ❞ He growled out with a commanding like tone, though it was still just as pleading as when he’d spoken before. Grinding against his mate, trying to encourage and entice him further.



    If he notices how flustered Scott is, he doesn’t show it. “Really? I thought the face I was making in it was a little weird, but that might just be the general weirdness of looking at yourself in a photograph instead of a mirror.”

      ❝ Yeah, it might just be that. I’ve never liked how I looked in photographs. It’s definitely different then looking in a mirror.. ❞ Scott trailed a moment, licking his lips and clearing his throat some. ❝ But no, I mean. You look good in both those but the first is probably my favorite one. ❞

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