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      “It just comes naturally when you’re around me? Well I like that sounds of that a lot.”

 He asked with a grin as he was letting his hands roam around the older males body. It was definitely something that he was loving and he couldn’t deny that at all. Grinning as he felt the lips running up his neck, Liam could only smile. Though when Scott’s lips were against his he slightly parted them, as he deepened their kiss, fingers running into Scott’s hair.

       ❝ I just want to claim you.. keep you.. ❞

   Scott murmured softly against his lips. Given how they’d started off, he’d never imagined himself caring for Liam this much. At least not passed the level of what an Alpha should naturally feel for his Beta. But this was so much more than that, as proven in the way it felt to be kissing the other wolf now. His fingers trailing along the curve of his neck, down along his arm before arm was curling around his waist. A smile pressed to those lips for a moment before he was deepening the kiss further still, any touch to his hair had him almost purring in to the action.


Peter can see the struggle in those dark eyes. There was a storm brewing just beneath the surface, and had been for some time. It wasn’t just anger, though. That wouldn’t be Scott McCall. There’s something decidedly more self-righteous in his gaze. A kind of guilt that Peter once knew all too well. Before he’d learned something better than the guilt.


 No. A simple refusal, void of any mirth he might once have taken had he found himself in this situation only a short time ago.  You’re the Alpha now, Scott. You don’t need me to teach you how to be strong. 

He couldn’t if he tried. Scott’s kind of strength was very different. Peter’s power came from everything he’d endured. His rage gave him power; Scott’s strength came from his heart. That wasn’t something Peter could teach, not when their hearts were so very different.

Scott had a feeling that Peter would say no to that, and in truth he didn’t hate him any more for it. He understood what the wolf was saying. Being an Alpha did bring strength, but the thing to that.. was Scott was still having difficulty wielding it. As proven by some of the fights he had found himself in, completely getting his ass handed to him. Having to be aided by others, not that he minded his pack helping. But an Alpha had to be able to stand on his own, for the good of those important to him. 

At least teach me how to fight. How to use the strength I have. ❞ The young Alpha insisted as he kept his gaze locked on the older male before him. Never thinking in a million years it’d be Peter he would turn to for this, but the man was a survivor. By some pretty intense means for that matter. 

My asthma prevented me from a lot of things as a kid. While everyone was doing karate or playing their sports, I was benched. Every time. But you are a born wolf. No doubt you were encouraged to wrestle and what ever growing up. So teach me that. ❞



you’re comfy, you know that?

i’m very aware of this, yes.

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Dean smiles. He perfects his posture, kind of dusts himself off, and from an inner pocket in his leather jacket, he flourishes the badge of a federal agent.


                        ❝ — Agent Fogerty. I’m here on account of the killings.                                                               You know anything about that?❞

Dean feels he has the upperhand in this ————— mainly because of the mysterious entrance he’d managed to make. He clears his throat and returns the badge to its pocket, and stares down his nose at the kid before him.

    Scott leaned in slightly to inspect the badge, head tilting just a little as he did. Then when the other started to talking, he glanced up at his face again. A little confusion set in on his features and he couldn’t help the slight scoff he gave.

               ❝ My dad would’ve mentioned any agents coming in.
                                                         So who are you really, dude? ❞

     He asked, given the fact his dad had at least done the right thing in making sure no other outside feds came in to town. He was technically the ‘lead’ in the investigations going on, along side Stiles’ dad, so it didn’t make sense for someone to come in to town and his dad not tell him about it.



          [ flops down on scott’s lap.

hey, handsome.

[ wraps arms around her. ]

      hello, mrs.

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Isaac shook his head and walked into the kitchen. Pulling the fridge open, he grabbed two grape sodas. But then he just stood there for a moment, contemplating on if he should shake Scott’s or not so when he opened it, it would explode. But then he thought about the stain and how Melissa wouldn’t like that, so he decided against it. Walking back into the living room though, he tossed Scott’s soda to him, “Here..think fast..” He knew would catch it, werewolf reflexes and all.


❝ Thanks. ❞ Scott laughed as he caught the can. And whether Isaac had shook it before hand, or not, it was definitely not safe to open now. Given that it would have gotten a little shaken when being thrown, and caught. So he just let it rest in his lap for a moment while feet kicked up on to the coffee table. ❝ I’ve got tonight off, by the way. So we can do marathons and junk food, while we see who’s better at COD. If you want? ❞



            ❝ Yeah, well. That’s kinda why I’m here. 

         ❝ And who’re you, exactly? ❞


"You’ll find another, Scott. Or maybe she’s still your anchor. Not in the sense that you want her to be, but someone who always kept you grounded. Just think of her. Think of how human she made you when you least felt like you were." Peter instructed him. it had probably been the most helpful he had tried to be with him ever, trying to get him to control himself and his own beta.


❝ My mom said.. to be my own anchor. But I still don’t know how to do that. ❞ The young Alpha muttered. His hands rubbing up over his face, through his hair and back down again. It was easy to see just how frustrated he was these days. Not only that, but just how tired and stressed out. He’d hardly slept since the start of the Nogitsune thing, even after he’d barely managed a few hours a night. ❝ How do you do it, Peter? Stay in control? ❞


Isaac chuckled and quickly yanked the remote from Scott, “Exactly.” He always had a habit of fighting Scott every time it was his turn to pick a movie. Even though what he usually picked was fine with him. He just liked being an ass. Finally setting on The Avengers, Isaac stood up, “I’m grabbing a soda. Want one?”


❝ Hey, I was just saving myself after that Dudely Do-Right fiasco. ❞ Scott teased as he nudged Isaac. Of course he actually liked that movie, and the cartoon, so it was all just in fun that he was complaining about it now. He smiled more when he noticed the movie Isaac pick, nodding some at his question. ❝ Yeah, sure. One of the grape sodas, thanks. ❞